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In Beach Villa Lanka we are offering and providing programs for regeneration and therapy.

Therapy is conducted by an international European therapist and instructor of different techniques for natural regeneration and treatment. The therapist is achieving amazing results and he leads a number of programs in European spas and in Sri Lanka.

Along with Ayurvedic doctors from Sri Lanka we prepared for you the most effective program tailored to your needs .


Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine that originated in India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word made up from "āyus," which means "life" and "veda" which means "knowledge" or "science". Ayurveda, or the translation of knowledge about life, covers four aspects of man: the soul, mind, emotions and body. This means that a man in a holistic way, it teaches how to live in harmony with nature and helps him to live a healthy life.

Regeneration and relaxation program

We will regenerate the body in a natural way, eliminating potential health problems with natural energy. We will nurture the skin to regenerate it with specific informed organic coconut oil. From the body we will eliminate all energy blocks so we can fill the body with universal energy. You could participate in the round table disscusion or in relaxed chat on the terrace, while drinking energy tea, where we will learn to regulate and avoid stress, how to sleep good and enjoy life. 

Or you can simply enjoy the sun, sea, fresh seafood. According to the program your body and soul will be cleaned, body will be energy-balanced, all the burden will be forgotten as well all the stress and you will feel reborn.
In addition to the above program you will also benefit from the individual treatments and personal counseling for a healthy life with a special Ayurvedic doctor and a special bio and theta therapist-instructor.

Available for organised groups or by request in advance.